Florida’s Leader In Discount Real Estate Education

Florida Real Estate Trainers has merged with Real Estate CareerQuest to bring real estate education to another level.

Florida Real Estate Trainers is Florida’s leader in discount real estate education. Real Estate CareerQuest is Florida’s most innovative and technologically advanced real estate school. The combination offers the flexibility of internet-based training only or an advanced Hybrid package that is designed for those who need more out of a class.

Written and developed by David Collins, a Florida Real Estate Broker since 1980 and a Real Estate School Teacher/Owner since 1991. Mr. Collins was appointed by Governor Lawton Chiles to the Florida Real Estate Commission Education and Research Foundation in 1997 and was the Chairman his last year on that Commission. These materials are not imported from out of state, they are Home Grown!

The following courses are offered at Real Estate CareerQuest.

Sales Associate

63-Hour Course with Timed
End-of-Course Exam


72-Hour Course with Timed
End-of-Course Exam

Post License

45-hour Sales Associate & 60-hour Broker

State Exam
Prep Course

Successfully Prepare to Take & Pass the State Examination

Real Estate

Become a Certified Florida Real Estate Assistant with an internet-based course!


Complete your required 14-hour Florida real estate continuing education requirement.